What is going on here?

We build and configure e-bikes and also organize urban and nature tours.

  • The bikes we build are custom-made, they tend to be big, heavy, and strong.
  • The bikes we configure, from bike parts available on the market are also made to be big, heavy, and strong.
  • The tours we organize are tailored to the audience providing maximum safety, comfort, and fun. 
 What custom e-bikes did you build?
  • Please see the Projects page for the list and more info.
What e-bike configurations did you build?
When is the next available tour?
  • It is currently winter season in Europe, the fun will start in spring 2023 again.
  • If you are booking your next vacation early and would like to have some fun with us, feel free to contact us, and we can schedule something.
How powerful are your bikes?
  • Our configurations are mostly 1.5KW with some models running 1KW hub motors.
  • Our Custom builds feature 2KW hub motors with 20Ah batteries.
  • All batteries are high capacity, mostly around 20Ah.

We tried a lot of motor/battery configurations and decided that the minimum motor strength, to be able to handle some steep hills, should be 1.5KW, with around 20Ah battery. This is a bit more than the allowable power in some countries. If you order a custom build bike with this much or even more power, depending on your country, you may need to register it as a moped.

How fast are your bikes?

There is a lot of controversy on this topic. According to our experiences, although this is still just a matter of opinion, we concluded that there is no need to drive a bicycle of any shape and form faster than 35-40kmh (20-25mph). That is the speed we chose to limit the top speed on our bikes. There are many reasons for this, mainly safety and efficiency. 

There are some nicely paved roads where one can drive much faster than usual, and it is, we admit, a lot of fun. But going over 40kmh on a bicycle defeats the purpose completely, as the rider is unable to process the surroundings and enjoy the ride.

If this is too slow for you, you should consider a motorcycle (Electric or ICE)

How heavy are your eBikes
  • The custom builds are usually heavy. We chose to use thicker steel pipes than usual because we want out bikes to easily handle heavier riders. As the range of rider's weight can go from 50kg to 120kg, saving few kg on material becomes meaningless. 
  • The configurations are built using industry standard alloys. They tend to have larger batteries than the common eBikes but most of them have a geared hub motor (smaller and lighter than non-geared). Considering the size and power, they are actually quite light.
How much does a custom eBike or configuration cost?

Well, it comes down to individual parts. There are forks you can choose, ranging from 150$ to over 1K$ in price, and that is only the fork. A decent, relatively low on maintenance configuration cost 4K$-8K$, where custom built bikes tend to go higher.

Do you build battery packs?

No. Building battery packs is better left to professionals. We try to order only from proven manufacturers, and even then, we try to only order high quality packs.