Project Doondo - Military style Bobber


Doondo is our second build.

The First Edition of Doondo accidentally turned out to be slightly too strong. We ordered a 2KW hub motor, and thought we got it, until it was plugged in. We realized that what was delivered, turned out to be a 4KW hub motor.

Needless to say, it was too strong for a bicycle. Both the acceleration and the top speed were just insane. We have to admit that it was a lot of fun to ride for a few days, but then the rear disk brake suddenly fell off. We replaced the rear hub with a 2KW motor, providing just enough power for a lot of fun and extended distance. Currently, the build features:

  • Heavy-duty steel retro frame 
  • 2KW, 20Ah
  • 26x4.0 wheels/tires
  • Harley seat with suspension
  • Tractor headlight with LED bulb
  • SW900 Display
  • PAS and throttle
  • Strong, downhill, adjustable, fat bike air fork 

The bike is a pure pleasure to those who like the big cruiser motorcycle feeling. It has amazing acceleration and it is a lot of fun on paved roads. It is big, so big that we have to warn people riding it. End to end it measures 250 cm or almost 100 inches.

Some boys and girls find extra pleasure in it, but some say that it is just a travesty of the bike.
We seem to agree with both. Suum cuique as they say, To Each Their Own.

Doondo - frame parts

Doondo frame

Doondo - Frame Ready

Doondo Completed

Doondo - Christmass

Fat Saddle - Santa