About Chopa

A Chrysler Chopper Bike mod

This was our pet project

We wanted to see how far we can take the legendary Chrysler Chopper Bike.

Overall, the project went reasonably well. We had to cut and widen the rear fork to fit the 20x4.0 wheel. As the bicycle was not designed to support disk brakes or derailleur, we had to use creativity to install and make them functional.

The e-bike, besides looking sexy, turned out to be quite comfortable on the road (considering that it is a chopper). As they say:

"Women wear high heels, men ride choppers; the same thing."

The 2KW rear hub motor on a 20 inch wheel and a 52V battery provide all the power needed for a full day of fun.
No humans or animals have been harmed in building this bike, the leather you see is PVC leather.

The build features

  • Chrysler Chopper Bike, including most original parts
  • 2KW gearless hub motor
  • 50A Sabvoton controller
  • Risun Motor color display
  • Half twist throttle
  • Reverse mode (key operated), a very cool feature when backing up into the parking
  • LED headlight 
  • Custom rear fender featuring inbuilt rear light
  • Custom built old fashion motorcycle seat, including the suspension
  • Leather skin

The process

Some snapshots from the beginng to the end