About Doondo Double

A millitary style Double Seater Bobber

A two seater ebike

After some fun rides, we figured out that due to Doondo's size, he was just begging for a second seat. So before the paint job, we decided to weld the second seat holder and some pegs.

Since it was a bit heavier now, especially with a passenger, we had to add some power to it. So the 4KW motor was back in the game, but this time with Subvoton 90A controller and a 60V 40Ah battery. We limited the speed to 60kmh, that is most we allow. If you want more, be sane and get a motorcycle.

And there it was, it ran a full circle (read the story about Doondo for a reference), what else to say.

It is fun to ride, except when you have a passenger that does not know how to behave on a motorcycle. In that case you have to be really careful, as it tends to pull in the corners. Everyone likes the look, tall peple love how it feels, and the rest is just scared to ride it.

The build features

  • Heavy-duty steel retro frame
  • 4KW brushless gearless rear hub motor
  • 60V 40Ah battery
  • 26x4.0 wheels/tires
  • 90A Subvoton controller
  • Bluetooth adapter for MQCON app (IOS and Android)
  • Harley seats with suspensions
  • Tractor headlight with LED bulb
  • SW900 Display
  • PAS and throttle
  • Strong, double crown, adjustable, fat bike air fork

The process

Some snapshots from the beginng to the end